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Sunday, June 7, 2009

As Yet Un-Named Success!

-the artist pictured with his mother-

The show was more than I could imagine! Roughly 75-100something people in a three hour period visited, milled around, and bought art from this wonderful group show, put on by a great collection of talented people.

My parents flew in the day before and helped my girlfriend and I through the worst of it. I stayed up the previous night, hand inking and painting each cover while the artists hung their work in the gallery. I drove my parents and Melissa crazy while they glued each covers onto 40 limited edition books. I've always wanted to put a book together, and there are now a few lucky people out there with numbered editions of their very own! Thanks to Joey Marsocci of Steam Gear Labs for helping with the trying and dedicated process of scanning each page AND for hooking me up with the kind folks at DEL PRINTINGin Portland, Connecticut. The work was impeccable and detail oriented!

-how professionals bind their damn books together: on the floor between larger books and beer-

A few limited edition inked tiles of musicians were sold, as well as a limited promotional tile for the book! I'm thinking this is the exact kind of motivation which creates a sequel. Good conversations about the creative process, overall malaise against an uncaring world, and stimulating interest for new pieces were discussed throughout the long night.

-promotion for the Metal Show on June 20th at MAC650 ArtSpace-

And then I get commissioned to make this illustration for a metal show on the 20th of this month at the MAC650 Gallery from Ivan Soobitsky, a cool guy from the band BRIGHT and the Imperial Productions promotions company! Basically, I'll look for any excuse to draw monsters ripping things apart. Especially guitars.

Come check out the gallery while the work is still fresh and the book copies are plentiful!


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Bryan said...

I'm very proud of your illustrations and paintings and enjoy seeing the progression of your unwavering, imaginative, every exponentially growing talent. Only you are my brother and only you can accomplish the feats and triumphs that you have. I love you without yield and will always support and cheer for your success.