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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Testing...(is this thing on?)


Well, well, well...etcetera. There's a show coming up a hell of a lot sooner than I think. June5th to the end of July, to be precise. It'll be at the MAC650 Gallery (650 Main Street, Middletown CT) hosted by some fine people who help operate the North End Artist's Cooperative. Good folks, good art, good food (hopefully), good time (predictably). The show will be open themed, with eleven (XI) artists total, non-juried and showcasing young and fresh talent. Seeing as how the art world thrives on young, fresh, raw (and other fetishized adjectives reserved normally for food) talent, this will be no exception. I'll have some new pieces, some of which I've been debuting on this site, all revolving around the landscape/ found lumber/ broken city-scapes theme.

And now, some pics of recent sketches!




Oh. No. He. Di'nt.


Oh yes I did.

And the last new sketch is framing that blog title at the top of the page (and influencing the newest painting).

It was nice seeing some friends and acquaintances at the recent show at Mac650 (Crazy Joey G., Steampunk Joey, "My Back's a-Hurtin" Joey D., Mel "Most Beautiful" W., and Corey "I gotz a Mad Skill" (insert_last_name_here). You guys (and lady) are good to be around)

Until the next post...

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