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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Another update?

So soon? What is this, Update McCity-Place all of a sudden?

Well here's the finished piece I was working on previously...

and here's the next one, soon to be rolling off of the grimy, slow, and gummy production line...

Both of these items will be displayed soon (like June and July soon) at a location nearest you. Namely the mac650 artSPACE, a sweet little spot nestled in the quaint north end of Main Street, Middletown. A few friends, co-workers, and I will be working on dazzling the audiences with some new pieces in a new group show extravaganze. Some names we've been kicking around: The Knot in the Face Collective and The No-Support Group presents the Double Sided Dill Show. I'm a fan already.

Kudos to a the lovely Carrie Swider for her knock-out Wandering Uterus show, of which I had the privilege of attending. Not too shabby. The work was beautiful and new, the sounds hip and entertaining, the people plenty and pleasant...

Alright, until next time...happy New Year, and Death to Cowboy President's from Mars.*

*Another good name for a show.

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