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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What's Crackin'?!


First off, here's a couple of shots of the new composition I'm painting. A work in progress; about 50% done by now I'd say. Click on every picture to get a full size version.*


By the way, I do apologize for the infrequent updates. Here at the production facility, things have ground to a gummy halt, due to my own pursuits of laziness, tiresome wage slaving, and a general avoidance of all things easel-y.

Moving right along! Exclusive shots from the upcoming (don't hold your breath) Comic! Featuring characters I've held close to my heart, for the most part hidden from prying eyes, for the past 14 years. They'll see the light of day soon enough, one may hope.



Why not one more, eh?


Aside from all of that, I'll attempt to solicit your musical ear by pleading for your listening patience at, where I've posted the atmospheric, soundtrack quality track "soniz".

Learn to love it, as I am.

*I internet good.

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